Add Quick Enable/Disable Button for Filtered Offers and Bulk Action Feature

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For example, If we want to disable an offer that has a lot of clicks but no conversions from the statistics page (, we currently have to go to the offers page ( and search for it by ID. This process can be a bit time-consuming.

To simplify this process, I suggest adding a "Disable" and "Boost" button next to each offer on the statistics page . That way, we can quickly disable or boost an offer without having to search for it by ID...

Additionally, it would be useful to have a bulk action feature that allows us to select multiple offers and then disable or boost them all at once. This would save us even more time and effort.

Overall, these features would make managing our offers much easier and efficient. Thanks ^^

Under consideration Suggested by: Pheonix Upvoted: 05 Jun Comments: 0

Comments: 0